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CAD Design and Modelmaking


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Chris Simpson Designs CAD / CAM

Chris Simpson Designs CAD / CAM

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How We Can Help - ​ Chris Simpson Designs is a full product design and manufacturing service for the jewellery trade. Our services include but are not limited to: ​ – 3D CAD modelling & visualisation using leading 3D software. – Design for manufacture – Prototype manufacture. – Rapid concept generation and rendering. – Detailed design and development. – Design strategy for new designers. – Rapid prototyping for lost wax casting – Concept designs End-to-end Customization  . Imagine working directly with a designer to get the best possible design for you. Currently, there are many online options to custom build different pieces of jewellery, but in reality those solutions are about as custom as choosing a flavor of ice cream. What’s possible is a future where manufacturer, designer, and customer collaborate on a platform and truly get something so unique and well-designed with less effort. Between the advances in 3D printing, CAD software, and AI technologies, a new type of collaborative process is becoming possible. Call us today for your next project. 07809462700


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